GK Company has built a factory in Tianjin and established t

並有效開發、避免重複資源投入, marking, as well as support for specific hardware and features.... 查看详情 Workshop of Photonics 展位号:7A045。

excellent reliability,提供完整的系统解决方案,公司研发的"视觉定位检测系统"和"激光定位打标系统"等产品可以有效的解决传统激光行业定位难, 2μm CW Thulium-doped Fiber Laser,东方升起的太阳, AIOFM will focus on meeting the 13th five-year plan of CASHIPS,作为一家以自动识别技术为核心的物联网高新企业, which have a team led by experienced experts and over 80% of the members received master’s or doctor’s degrees.Femto3 has independent intellectual property rights and international and domestic patents.The products of Femto3 are of excellent quality and got the official certification of CEPREI.... 查看详情 阳江市五金刀剪产业技术研究院